Codice anagrafe nazionale ricerche: 58240
Denominazione: Istituto di Ricerche Economiche e Sociali dell'Emilia-Romagna

CF: 92032080373
Codice iscrizione provvisorio anagrafe: 58240

Data codice iscrizione anagrafe: 11/01/2007
Sede legale Via Marconi 69
Regione Emilia-Romagna
Provincia BO
CAP 40122
Comune Bologna

Fax: 051-294804
Natura giuridica: Altri Enti
Attività: ISTAT: 73200
Attività Ricerca e sviluppo sperimentale nel campo delle scienze sociali e umanistiche

Giuliano Guietti President IRES ER
Institutional representation, coordination
He coordinates the link between universities and the scientific committee and between trade union organization and research institutes.  
Davide Dazzi Economist
Industrial relations, Organizational Innovation
His research activities are mainly focused on working conditions, labour market and vocational training with specific interest in the comparison between local, national and European levels. 

 Federica Benni Data Specialist
Statistical area
He deals with statistical surveys, construction and management of databases as part of labor market observers and life long learning monitoring project.

Daniela Freddi Economist
Industrial Economics, Innovation and Technology

Dealing with local economic development, technological innovation and evolution of industries with particular emphasis on aspects related to business strategies and their horizontal and vertical relationships. 


Volker Telljohann Sociologist [CV][Publications]

European policies
His research activities centre on working conditions, new trends in local, national and European industrial relations as well as on the role of social dialogue in local development policies. In recent years his research activities were also focused on processes of Europeanisation and internationalisation of industrial relations.
Stefano Tugnoli Statistical
Statistical area
Its activity focuses on empirical survey-based statistics, management of observers and databases, monitoring systems relating to the labor market, industrial relations and problems related to territorial systems of small and medium enterprises.
IRES also relies on the collaboration of Antonio Ori, functionary of CGIL Emilia-Romagna, for topics related to industrial policy, labor relations, and  professional.