The Economy and Labour Observatoies on  are originate from the need to build a place in which to collect the different data sources and bring them to the local system, relations with trade union information and assessments.

Since 2010 the experience of the observers was extended to all Chambers of Labour in Emilia-Romagna to arrive, at last, to build a regional observatory, not as a simple summation of the administrative boundaries but as a reconstruction from the bottom up of economic and social dynamics.
1 OEL Regione Emilia-Romagna
2 OEL Bologna
3 OEL Ferrara
4 OEL Forlì-Cesena
5 OEL Imola
6 OEL Modena
7 OEL Parma
8 OEL Piacenza
9 OEL Ravenna
10 OEL Reggio Emilia
11 OEL Rimini